Vad Är DXing?

DX Radio is the hobby of listening to distant radio stations, typically from locations well
outside their intended coverage area.
Sometimes the weakness of the signal is the challenge, sometimes the amount of
interference, and other times the infrequent or irregular
schedule of the station. 

Typically most dx-ing is achieved on the Mediumwave Band (AM band) and the
shortwave Tropical Bands between 2 and 6 MHz.
The higher shortwave bands 6 to 30 MHz are generally used for true international broadcasting.
VHF/FM also provides dx opportunities with a variety
of propagation modes throughout the year. 

Why bother?
It's a challenge.
Radio propagation isn't constant and many factors influence it.
The time of day and the time of year affect the strength of signals.
Radiation emitted by the sun changes daily which affects the
earth's ionosphere as well as the approximate
11 year cycle of sunspot activity. 

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